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  • Hospital Fall

    10 September 2016 ( #Hospital, #Nurse )

    In August I was in the hospital preparing to give birth to my youngest son. Of course being in labor and having contractions I was in quite some pain, as you can imagine. My husband was there at the hospital with me and dealing with the possible fracture...

  • How Do You Know You Are a Nurse?

    04 November 2016 ( #Nurse, #Nursing )

    Nurses are different professionals because they are people who are overworked but very fulfilled about it. Like any other profession, some days they are totally down while sometimes nurses can’t help but laugh at their encounters. One funny thing is that...

  • 10 Little Known Facts About Nurses

    10 October 2016

    When you think about nurses, you probably think about the people who work in a hospital or doctor's office who care for patients. They give medications, tend to emergencies and make sure patients have the things that they need when they are sick, after...