How Do You Know You Are a Nurse?

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Nurses are different professionals because they are people who are overworked but very fulfilled about it. Like any other profession, some days they are totally down while sometimes nurses can’t help but laugh at their encounters. One funny thing is that their patients do not even have an idea of what a nurse go through. There are some indicators would point out that one is a nurse even without asking. If one can drain a whole pot of coffee, then go to bed, then you would know that they are from a tiresome shift and coffee would not replenish them. Most people are proud to be nurses, the tales about the signs that you are a nurse is a perfect spot to calm your nerves after a tiresome work experience; sharing the joke especially your favorite one is an excellent idea.

You are a nurse if?

Bells bores you to the foundation, and you believe that the inventor probably occupies the hottest part of hell.

You crave for coffee in the middle of the night even when going to bed.

You’ve had an experience with most of the restaurant in town and made you cram their menus and phone numbers.

You don't believe that there is such thing as stress because to you it is part of life and you don’t even recognize it. You can diagnose the ailment by just smelling diarrhea. When eating while discussing the body fluids when eating a tasty meal is normal.

You know you are a nurse when your hate new numbers on your off day that you keep checking the caller id to ascertain that someone from the hospital is not calling you to work. You carry a lot of pens, and it is part of life. You know you are a nurse when your bladder can expand a lot more than normal and going for the short call frequently is not something you are accustomed to. You know you are a nurse when you can’t avoid checking other customer’s veins at the grocery store.

The list is endless, and the tales are to some extent right. It is a prove that nurses are unique people.

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