Hospital Fall

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In August I was in the hospital preparing to give birth to my youngest son. Of course being in labor and having contractions I was in quite some pain, as you can imagine. My husband was there at the hospital with me and dealing with the possible fracture of his hand with each contraction that I had.

I decided that I wanted the epidural but had to wait for the anesthesiologists to get done with another patient. I start having another contraction, each time my husband rushing to hold my hand. The nurse is in the room also, monitoring the contractions to see how close they are as well as checking on me in case I am in need of water or ice or in case I need to use the restroom.

The nurse has to leave the room to go handle some other things. And it's the same routine. My husband is going back and forth between the guest couch in the room to me. He finally decides he is just going to sit by me for awhile until I am able to get the epidural. He scoots a chair close to my bed. Just as he goes to sit down my 6'6 husband completely misses the chair some how and falls straight to the floor. If that wasn't enough embarrassment for him, as timing would have it, it happened exactly as the nurse walked into the room. Yes, I was in pain but at this point I could not stop laughing for a good couple minutes. The nurse even laughed a little too. Throughout the rest of the night whenever I thought about it I couldn't help but laugh. Aside from the obvious event of having a baby, this definitely did make my hospital experience a memorable one.


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