10 Little Known Facts About Nurses

Published on by Hyde

When you think about nurses, you probably think about the people who work in a hospital or doctor's office who care for patients. They give medications, tend to emergencies and make sure patients have the things that they need when they are sick, after they have had surgery or if they are recovering from an illness and need rest. You may learn more about the various types of nurses, but first, consider these facts about nurses that you might not know.

1. When you see a nurse wearing one of the white caps, you should probably think about nuns. The cap is made after the nun's habit to help keep the hair out of the face.

2. Nurses will often speak up to doctors if they feel that something isn't right with the orders for a patient. At times, the nurse is the only method of communication that a patient has while in the hospital or a nursing facility.

3. There are more men who are choosing a career in nursing than ever before. Male patients are often grateful as they would rather have a male nurse than a female, which can lead to more cooperation with medication and rehab.

4. Nurses have one of the most violent and dangerous careers. They have to work with patients who are infected with potentially deadly viruses, and they deal with patients who are sometimes combative and hit other people who are trying to care for them.

5. When working with patients, nurses have ot maintain their feelings. Even though they might feel sad about a patient's situation, they have to maintain a professional appearance so that the patient doesn't get upset.

6. There are limits as to what a nurse can take while working. Sometimes, it's dealing with the large number of patients who are sick and unable to get better while for others, it could be something as simple as the fluids that are seen.

7. Nurses tend not to copy the roles of those who are on television. Many of the nurses on television don't display what a real nurse does on a daily basis and don't dress in the same manner.

8. One of the most common complaints of nurses is back aches. This is an issue that is seen with nurses in almost every location.

9. Patients come first whether the nurse has eaten or even used the bathroom.

10. An African American was kept as a slave and treated like a nurse by his owners before going on to be the first African American doctor.

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